Sunday, November 19, 2006



Farce Trek is a parody (spoof) of the original Trek TV series. Check out for more details. Captain Cork replaces Captain Kirk. Mr. Chalk replaces Mr. Spock, and so on. The parody is a 3D computer animation spoofing the Mirror, Mirror episode. The parody is called Error, Error.

Trekkies will enjoy this pun-filled, action, sci-fi comedy. Farce Trek is also a kid magnet! Kids at Trek conventions stop and watch the Farce Trek trailer.

There is also Captain Cork "ACTIONLESS' figures that have been sold at conventions and will soon be sold on the website,, along with Farce Trek postcards, etc.


Kevin T. said...

I watched your video, it was great. I think I just fell down laughing when Checker Board came sliding out from under the turbo lift door. Sillyness rules!

Christina F. said...

I finally got a chance to watch it! (I know, I know, two weeks late, but my brain is so much jello that Scotty could mop it up quite easily with his absorbency!) I sat down with my Star Trek club and had a late night viewing.

It was very funny. I love Captain Cork and his "throne"! I think my favorite part is when he was giving his speech and Chalk just walks out on him! I gotta wonder if Nimoy ever wanted to do that himself....