Friday, December 8, 2006

Farce Trek: "Amuck Time" Started!

The creators of Farce Trek have started work on the next episode in the Farce Trek series. The episode, entitled "Amuck Time", is about First Officer Chalk having to return to his home planet, Vulcano, to get m- m- m- married. Experience the strange Vulcan marriage ritual for Mr. Chalk. Feel the suspense as Captain Cork must battle Mr. Chalk to the death, while Chalk is deep in the black blot!

The DVD movie is a 3D computer animation.

Are we done yet? no

Expected completion time? yes, completion time is expected.

Live long and perspire!

Sunday, November 19, 2006



Farce Trek is a parody (spoof) of the original Trek TV series. Check out for more details. Captain Cork replaces Captain Kirk. Mr. Chalk replaces Mr. Spock, and so on. The parody is a 3D computer animation spoofing the Mirror, Mirror episode. The parody is called Error, Error.

Trekkies will enjoy this pun-filled, action, sci-fi comedy. Farce Trek is also a kid magnet! Kids at Trek conventions stop and watch the Farce Trek trailer.

There is also Captain Cork "ACTIONLESS' figures that have been sold at conventions and will soon be sold on the website,, along with Farce Trek postcards, etc.